Who are we?

What's the aprenda² project?

What’s the aprenda² project?

A aprenda² (meaning “learning squared”) is a pilot project, bringing together a community of professors with the goal of developing avant-garde learning tools which can be applied to both public and private education. We are a social organization established since 2010. Part of the profits are reinvested into the project.
We specifically aim to combat the problems which riddle Brazilian education by offering professors private and public establishments with free or low-cost materials and by training them in innovative teaching methods.
At the moment, we are experimenting with new teaching methods during our private classes in order to test and develop our methodologies in practice with the professors and students themselves. The idea is that, once developed, these innovative teaching methods will be made available to other educational institutions. This project is funded by the services we offer society. Our services are centered around projects which incite communication between different peoples – keeping in mind that our most important source of revenue remains language courses and translations. In the near future, we plan to launch an investment project with social investors.


All the services we offer aim to further the aprenda² project.
. In order to stay true to our ambitions, we work in the medium-long term.
For more information on the project, please visit: aprenda2.org/project

aprenda² Socio-educational project


In order to finance our project independently, we offer Portuguese as a second language classes for foreigners in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, as well as on Skype. For this, we developed our ALEGRIA course which focuses, not only on the teaching of Portuguese (as delineated by the European Charter of Common Reference), but also on exploring diverse aspects of Brazil’s culture.
Furthermore, all our professors are graduates of Brazil’s top universities and offer students modern pedagogy and teaching methods.
The preparation course for the CELPE-BRAS exam is one of the most sought after of the courses offered on our premises.

For more information, please visit aprenda2.org/portugues


card3-pt-brWe also offer French classes. They are taught exclusively by native professors in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or via Skype.
We offer the following courses:

– LIBERTÉ offers students the opportunity to learn and understand the guiding principals behind the French language from a beginner to an advanced level, following the European Charter of Common Reference (CECR). For more information, please visit: aprenda2.org/frances

– VOYAGE VOYAGE, is a survival crash-course for anyone thinking of travelling to France or a francophone country. It focuses on giving you the tools to manage everyday situations such as taking the train, ordering at a restaurant, asking for directions at the airport, making reservations, etc.)
For more information, please visit: aprenda2.org/frances

– THE FRANTASTIQUE ONLINE COURSE with a free 7-day trial period.
Acesse: aprenda2.org/frantastique

– PREPARATION FOR THE TCF-Q AND IMMIGRATION TO QUEBEC: French classes for those seeking to immigrate to Quebec/Canada.
For more information, please visit: www.ecolequebec.com.br


card4-pt-brWhen someone wants to have a document translated, the fidelity of the translated document to the original is of primary concern. This is why we offer a team of M-Level professionals , each of which is responsible for translating to his or her Mother tongue. For more information about our translations made by native speakers, please visit:


BLOG aprenda²

blog-ballonBrazil is a marvelous country. However, we know that living here isn’t always easy. This is why we have started the aprenda2 Blog.

The objective is to offer a place for our students, professors, and friends to share experiences and solutions to the everyday problems one encounters living in Sao Paulo.

On the aprenda2 Blog, we will address a wide range of topics such as:

– Survival tips for foreigners living in Brazil and more specifically in Rio or Sao Paulo ;

– Sights to see and things to do in Rio and Sao Paulo ;

– Local cultural events and important dates ;

– Idiomatic expressions and popular and regional sayings ;

– Brazilian literature ;

– Grammar, phonetics, online exercises.


Thanks and good reading!