Level M: Quality Translations

Qualidade dos profissionais
Qualified professionals

Translations are always performed in the Mother Tongue of the translator in order to ensure the Quality and Truth of the work.

When someone looks for translator services, the biggest concern is over the truth of the translation relative to the original content.  It is for this reason that our team is made of 100% Level M professionals, who always translate in their own Mother tongue.

In addition to the high level of Mastery mentioned above, our team has significant experience with languages by being part of the linguistic nucleus of project aprenda². This means we are able to overcome the principal problems of translation:

Qualidade dos profissionais
    • Study of Semantic meanings: Different interpretations of significant words.  For Example:  In English, "manga" can be translated into "sleeve" (i.e. on a shirt) or into "mango" (the fruit). Therefore, "suco de manga" won't be translated into "sleeve juice" (mango juice vs part of a shirt).
  • Study of Syntax: grammar errors can change the meaning of the message.  For Example:  wrong use of prepositions, changing the meaning of the phrase:
    • "Brasil gasta milhões em acidentes". (Wrong, because Brazil doesn’t spend millions to make accidents happen.)
    • "Brasil gasta milhões em consequência de acidentes". (Correct)
  • Studies of cultural meanings: a literal translation many times is insufficient to transmit a true and accurate message, especially in the translation of pop culture or idioms, etc.  For Example:  “quebrando o pau” is  not translated as “breaking the wood”.

For all of these reasons, you can be assured of the Quality of our translations and we guarantee that your original message will be preserved and accurately conveyed.

Services and Solutions

Tradução juramentada

Certified Translations

• Contracts, resumes, presentations, articles, balance sheets, audit reports.

• Passports, certificates of marriage and birth, drivers’ licences, proxies.

• Certificates, diplomas, technical certifications.

• Requirements for copyrighting and patents, bidding documents.

Tradução técnica

Technical Translation

• Revision of texts by native speakers in diverse languages.

• Transcription, subtitling, editing.

• Documents specific to the following areas:  Legal, Auditing, Finance, Patents, Bids, Pharmaceuticals, Information, Marketing, Chemistry, Energy, Engineers, Telecomunications, Mining and Journalism.

Assessoria para estrangeiros

Assistance to Foreigners

• Accompaniament and development of a schedule.

• Oral Translations.

• Orientation for foreigners who are coming to live in Brazil.

Possible Languages

idiomas contemplados - covered languages English • French • Portuguese • Spanish • German • Italian • Arabic

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Translation services are just one arm of project aprenda²aprenda² is a pilot project to develop and dissemminate cutting-edge educational methods and approaches to learning.

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