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Let's break down the barriers and let Brazil in!

Brazil? Football, beaches, carnival… these are the most common clichés. But the country has so much more to offer us. As an immigrant, a student, an expatriate or simply being passionate about Brazil, how can you discover the secrets of this rich and complex country ?

"...Brazil taught me a great deal about the gifts that this amazing country has to offer. The Brazilian people are warm, generous and heart centered. People are more important than things. Relationships matter, and take precedence."

- Mashubi, blogger from North-America [1]

"I had a lot of practical questions: how do I get the bus? What is there to see? Where can I do my shopping?

But I also had more serious questions like what is the history of this country which makes it what it is today?"

- Audrey, European immigrant [2]

As well as teaching the Portuguese language, the lessons have been specifically developed to answer the newcomer’s questions and concerns. This makes the experience all the richer.

So that you can make the utmost of your experience we have developed the ALEGRIA course. It goes much further than simply teaching you Brazilian Portuguese. The ALEGRIA course includes sociocultural questions such as the way of life, habits, traditions and much more. Thus you will enrich your experience in Brazil, go beyond the cultural shock and make your integration with the local people easier.



  • Study of the language: Teaching includes the syntax of the Portuguese language, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary. The practical aspect is taught through conversation, games, oral exercises, simulations of real situations, reading...
  • Conversation and Brazilian Civilization: Teaching includes socio-cultural aspects of Brazil: customs, history, art….. as well as intercultural debates.


Course ALEGRIA VIP Skype™

The course ALEGRIA VIP Skype is the Alegria course taught through individual classes on Skype, in which all of the teacher’s attention is focused on you.  You can choose the intensity of your course and the hours of the classes.

Aprender de qualquer lugar via Skype

We like to make things easy: we are a group of native teachers with a university education (languages, teaching, etc.) We are available to teach Portuguese through the internet, that way everyone’s a winner:

  • You, because don't have to leave your city;
  • The planet, because we reduce distances travelled and subsequently the amount of traffic and pollution.


Developed by the Ministry of Education, a Certificate of Language Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners is the only officially recognized certificate.  It is comprised of 4 levels of proficiency:  Intermediated (equivalent to B1), High Intermediate (equivalent to B2), Advanced (equivalent to C1) and High Advanced (equivalent to C2). The exam takes place twice per year in April and October. The Preparation for the CELPE-BRAS can be done from February to April or August to October, six hours per week (Total: 48h).

Our Prices valid only for lessons via Skype

Enjoy our promotional prices and save money:

Purchase of 1 to 9 lessons Purchase of 10 to 19 lessons Purchase of 20 lessons or more
R$110/h R$100/h R$90/h
Duration of the level:
intensity defined by the student
Duration of the level:
intensity defined by the student
Duration of the level:
intensity defined by the student
Working hours per week:
intensity defined by the student
Working hours per week:
intensity defined by the student
Working hours per week:
intensity defined by the student
Registration fee: R$100 Registration fee: R$100 Registration fee: R$100
R$115 or R$190 + shipping (to be calculated)
R$115 or R$190 + shipping (to be calculated)
R$115 or R$190 + shipping (to be calculated)

Online test and other services

Teste Online de Português do Brasil

Test your knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese and receive a detailed correction by email.
You must pass at least 70% of the questions in order to proceed to the next level.
This test will tell you your level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 e C2.
Access the test here:


Do you know how to get a CPF?
Do you know how to buy a mobile phone in Brazil?
Do you know what you need to do to get a student visa from our school?
Do you know where to have fun in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro?
To read the answers to these questions and many others, access our blog and discover useful tips to make your life in Brazil easier.
The blog was written as a join collaboration between Brazilians and foreigners, bringing together a wide range of opinions from both sides to answer any potential doubts.
Access the blog here:

Homestay em família brasileira

Choosing to live with a family is an ideal option:  Sharing the life of a Brazilian family will allow one to speak more Portuguese outside of classes, but also provide for a cultural exchange as well. It is the best way to get to learn about the day to day life of a local family. It is a total immersion in Portuguese and in Brazilian life. The families we select for homestays of our students have been evaluated on their kindness, cordiality, and the comfort and quality of the house itself. All the families are managed and inspected by a professional from the school, at the end of their orientation they are able to provide a place to live that is comparable in quality to the school. Finally, the families are also chosen by their geographical proximity to the school.

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What is the aprenda² project?

The aprenda² project is a pilot project which aims to develop and share avant-garde methods and educational approaches.

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