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Let's break down the barriers and let Brazil in!

Brazil? Football, beaches, carnival… these are the most common clichés. But the country has so much more to offer us. As an immigrant, a student, an expatriate or simply being passionate about Brazil, how can you discover the secrets of this rich and complex country?

"Brazil taught me a great deal about the gifts that this amazing country has to offer. The Brazilian people are warm, generous and heart centered. People are more important than things. Relationships matter, and take precedence."

- Mashubi, blogger from North-America [1]

"I had a lot of practical questions: how do I get the bus? What is there to see in Sao Paulo? Where can I do my shopping?

But I also had more serious questions like what is the history of this country which makes it what it is today?"

- Audrey, European immigrant [2]

As well as teaching the Portuguese language, the lessons have been specifically developed to answer the newcomer’s questions and concerns. This makes the experience all the richer.

And what if you could rediscover Sao Paulo?

There’s a proverb which says, "In Sao Paulo you cry twice: once when you arrive and once when you leave."

Football, beaches, carnival … it’s difficult to believe but, besides these, Sao Paulo has a lot more to offer. At Instituto aprenda² we will guide you and disclose the city’s secrets.

So that you can make the utmost of your experience we have developed the ALEGRIA course. It goes much further than simply teaching you Brazilian Portuguese. The ALEGRIA course includes sociocultural questions such as the way of life, habits, traditions and much more. Thus you will enrich your experience in Brazil, go beyond the cultural shock and make your integration with the local people easier.


Conceived with pride

The development of new methods is in the DNA of our socio-educational project. And we are just at the beginning. That is why we developed the ALEGRIA method. It was conceived from the marriage of our co-founder Audrey Conjat's experiences as a foreigner with the pedagogical expertise of our teaching staff. Talking about the teachers, they come from the main universities such as USP, UFRJ, UNICAMP , PUC...


  • Study of the language: Teaching includes the syntax of the Portuguese language, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary. The practical aspect is taught through conversation, games, oral exercises, simulations of real situations, reading...
  • Conversation and Brazilian Civilization: Teaching includes socio-cultural aspects of Brazil and Sao Paulo: customs, history, art….. as well as intercultural debates and city visits.


Course Structure



These are individual lessons during which the teacher dedicates him- or herself to you. You can choose the intensity of the lessons and the best place to learn such as at home, at work or, why not, in a coffee shop?

Learn in a coffee shop

We like to make things easy: we are a group of teachers, native-speakers, spread around different areas of the city. We will select a teacher who is closest to you. That way we are all winners:

  • You, as you do not have to travel;
  • The teacher, who gives lessons in his or her own area;
  • The planet, as by cutting down on travelling we help reduce traffic jams and pollution.


The ALEGRIA SOCIAL Brazilian Portuguese course offers lessons in groups of 3 to 10 students. It’s an opportunity to make new friends through the school. You’ll meet other students who, like yourself, are discovering Brazil.

The ALEGRIA SOCIAL course has three options of intensity:

    16h/week, new groups once a month
    - Enables you to apply for a Student Visa (VITEM IV) with a length of stay of up to 1 year
    - With outdoor classes, Brazilian cooking classes, etc., whenever available
    ⭐ This is our most in demand course! ⭐
    6h/week, new groups once a quarter
    6h/week, new groups once a semester



Developed by the Ministry of Education, the Certificate of Language Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners is the only officially recognized certificate. Internationally, it is accepted in companies and educational institutions as proof of competence in the Portuguese language. It is comprised of 4 levels of proficiency:  Intermediate (equivalent to B1), High Intermediate (equivalent to B2), Advanced (equivalent to C1) and High Advanced (equivalent to C2). The exam takes place twice a year usually in April and October.


In order to prepare you for this exam, our test prep for the official CELPE-BRAS exam happens twice a year:

  • 1st SEMESTER: Starts FEBRUARY (or ABRIL) each year depending upon the date of the exam
  • 2nd SEMESTER: Starts AUGUST (or OCTOBER) each year depending upon the date of the exam

  • The course is 6 hours a week for 8 weeks and is taught by teachers with a high degree of knowledge in the exam. In addition to the classes, test simulations are also applied, with the aim of increasing your confidence and preparing you psychologically for the real test. Over 90% of students who took our course passed the exam.

    For more details about CELPE-BRAS, please read our article:

Our Prices valid only for Sao Paulo

Enjoy our promotional prices and save money. Discounts valid only for the pre-paid system (upfront payment). Prices per person. Payment in Brazilian Real (R$ | BRL). Please check conditions.

Group classes at the school:

R$50/h R$50/h R$52/h
6,99€/h | 7,64US$/h
7,65€/h | 8,36US$/h
7,82€/h | 8,55US$/h
Duration of the level:
5 weeks
Duration of the level:
10 weeks
Duration of the level:
8 weeks
Working hours per week:
16 hours
Working hours per week:
6 hours
Working hours per week:
6 hours
Registration fee: R$395
Material included
Registration fee: R$395
Material included
Registration fee: R$395
Material included

VIP private classes:

7,99€/h | 8,73US$/h
11,31€/h | 12,36US$/h
20,30€/h | 22,18US$/h
Local definided by the students:
home²,³ | work²,³ | school¹ | online¹
Local definided by the students:
home²,³ | work²,³ | school¹ | online¹
Local definided by the student:
home²,³ | work²,³ | school¹ | online¹
Working hours per week:
intensity definided by the students
Working hours per week:
intensity definided by the students
Working hours per week:
intensity definided by the student
Registration fee: R$395
Material included
Registration fee: R$395
Material included
Registration fee: R$395
Material included
* Observation: Prices valid for the package of 30 sessions and Geographic Zone 1 (school and online). Please check conditions.

Carbon Footprint: reducing commutes

When the aprenda² project was conceived, there was a central concern:
Design greener solutions rather than design just functional ones.
Therefore, in our on-site lessons, the selected teacher is the one who is closest to the student's place, thereby reducing commutes.
Furthermore, the lessons of 1h are differently charged. To understand it better, imagine the following example: you purchase 5h of credits from our ALEGRIA VIP one-to-one lessons.

  • Situation 1: If you make 1h/day, then you will take 5 days to consume all of your credits.
  • Situation 2: If you make 5h/day, then you will take 1 day to consume all of your credits.

At first, the total price of the classes is the same between the Situation 1 and the Situation 2, however, the carbon footprint of the Situation 2 is smaller because more classes are taken consecutively thereby reducing both the teacher's journey and emission of greenhouse gases.

LESSONS OF JUST 1h: Sessions of 1h only have a very large carbon footprint. For this reason, sessions of 1h will be charged R$20.00 more per session. This is the way we found to stimulate lessons with a lower carbon footprint. This fee is fully passed to the teacher. Thus, a 2-hour class is cheaper than two classes of just 1 hour.

Online Test and other services

Brazilian Portuguese Online Test

Test your knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese and receive a detailed correction by email.

You must pass at least 70% of the questions in order to proceed to the next level.

This test will tell you your level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 e C2.

Access the test here:


Do you know how to get a CPF?
Do you know how to buy a mobile phone in Brazil?
Do you know what you need to do to get a student visa from our school?
Do you know where to have fun in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro?
To read the answers to these questions and many others, access our blog and discover useful tips to make your life in Brazil easier.
The blog was written as a join collaboration between Brazilians and foreigners, bringing together a wide range of opinions from both sides to answer any potential doubts.

Access the blog here:

Homestay in a Brazilian family

Choosing to live with a family is an ideal option:  Sharing the life of a Brazilian family will allow one to speak more Portuguese outside of classes, but also provide for a cultural exchange as well. It is the best way to get to learn about the day to day life of a local family. It is a total immersion in Portuguese and in Brazilian life. The families we select for homestays of our students have been evaluated on their kindness, cordiality, and the comfort and quality of the house itself. All the families are managed and inspected by a professional from the school, at the end of their orientation they are able to provide a place to live that is comparable in quality to the school. Finally, the families are also chosen by their geographical proximity to the school.

Our Clients

Contact and Enrollment

Contact us and learn more about what we can offer:

Instituto aprenda² in the media

Instituto aprenda² - TV Globo

TV GLOBO - Jornal Hoje

On 21st March 2017, reporters from the Jornal Hoje on TV Globo came to Instituto aprenda² São Paulo to interview Audrey and some of our students. Their report shows a little of the world of teaching Portuguese to foreigners, as this is one of the themes of the novel NOVO MUNDO.

>>> Watch the interview <<<

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What is the aprenda² project?

The aprenda² project is a pilot project which aims to develop and share avant-garde methods and educational approaches.

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Our reputation Our mission is to bridge the gap between different people through language. So we are a language center, where we teach French, English, Portuguese, and where we do translations. Founded in 2010 by Alessandro Orefice and Audrey Conjat and based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the Instituto aprenda² has taught more than 3000 students since this time. The school has become a benchmark for professionalism and warmth through its relationship with people, whether they be clients, employees or service providers. This is reflected in the genuine evaluations and reviews made by them on our social networks. You can check our reviews on our Facebook page and on Google Maps.